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How Much Do Soft Surfboards Cost?

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How Much Do Soft Surfboards Cost? 

There are many brands and types of soft surfboards on the market. Most are made overseas and the quality can greatly differ among these boards.

 Soft surfboards that are 9 feet long typically range from $199 – $450

 8 foot boards range from $175 – $400

 7 foot boards range from $150 – $350

 And 6 foot boards between $100 – $300

 Remember that cheap sometimes ends up being expensive. These cheaper end boards typically are made from cheaper materials and the quality of craftsmanship is not up to par. It is better to go with a medium or higher end surfboard to prevent having to replace the board if it falls apart after a few months.

 One sign of a quality soft top surfboard is that the underside of the surfboard will be a smooth, hard surface as opposed to the cheaper soft surfboards made entirely of foam. Another sign of quality is if the inner construction on the surfboard has been reinforced with either wooden or solid composite stringers running throughout the length of the board.

 We recommend our SuperSport line of soft top surfboards that are inexpensive and made of an extremely high quality. These boards are built to last, and are made from the finest materials and expert craftsmanship. You can see these boards at the link below..


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