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How to choose the right size surfboard?

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How to choose the right size surfboard?

Beginning surfers have had the most success learning on longer surfboards, sometimes called longboards. Most surf schools carry soft top surfboards that are around 9 feet long to teach their new students. As a general rule of thumb, the longer and thicker the surfboard, the easier it will be to stand up on.

 One reason that surfers will choose a shorter surfboard is because they are easier to maneuver and turn in the water. Longboards have more gradual turns as opposed to a shortboard which allows for sharper, quicker turns. However, making turns or cutbacks is no easy feat for a beginner surfer, and most elect to learn on a longer board where they will have the greatest chance of learning the basics and having fun the first time out in the water.

 9 Foot Soft Surfboard

 The 9 foot surfboard is our top seller. This length is ideal for most beginning surfers. Surfers ranging from 130-260 lbs. have found great success learning on a 9 foot board. After you get the hang of surfing, the 9 foot board is also great to have around for taking your friends out for a surfing lesson. Since this length board is the most buoyant and stable, surfers of many sizes will be able to enjoy long rides into the shore.

 8 Foot Soft Surfboard

 Though still fairly gradual, the 8 foot surfboard turns slightly sharper in the water when compared to the 9 foot. This board is great for beginner to intermediate surfers. The ideal weight range is 130-230 lbs. Surfers at the heavier end of the weight spectrum will find this board slightly more challenging to initially stand up on, but will enjoy more maneuverability in the water after getting the hang of it.

 7 Foot Soft Surfboard

This length board is great for surfers weighing between 100-150+ lbs. Heavier, intermediate to advanced surfers will also enjoy this size surfboard. We recommend this board to kids, and larger riders who have some experience.

 6 Foot Soft Surfboard

 The 6 foot surfboard is ideal for kids weighing between 70-125+ lbs. This board is easy to handle in the water and is a great size for young surfers.

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