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This video post is a great teaching tool for people learning to surf.

 Step 1: Go with a friend..

 Surfing is always more fun with a buddy. Who knows you  might be able to pick up a helpful detail from each other as you get the hang of it.

 Step 2: Soft Top Surfboards are ideal for beginners.

 So you and you’re friends have made plans to go surfing. Soft top surfboards typically have a soft foam skin on the top of the board and a hard smooth surface on the underside. This padded top prevents you from bruising your knees on wipeouts and protects others in the water that may be near you. They are much cheaper than fiberglass surfboards and are far more resilient to damage.

 Step 3: Beach warm up.

 Surfing is somewhat of a physical sport. In order to surf your best, it’s always a good idea to get warmed up before paddling out. Go ahead and do some stretching to get your arms and legs loosened up.

 Step 4: Practice the pop up.

 Popping up is the action of standing up to your feet on your board. It’s a good idea to practice standing up in one fluid motion on the shore before you paddle out. Remember that when you pop up you want your feet set in a solid base about shoulder length apart. Also note that a slight bend in the knees with help you maintain better balance.

 Step 5: Catch the wave.

 Since you are new to surfing it is important to stay in relatively shallow waters and try to catch smaller waves or a wave that has already broke, also known as the white water. Lying on your board while looking over your shoulder, begin to paddle as you see the wave approaching. You will feel the wave begin to propel you forward and do not stop paddling with strong, deliberate stokes until you feel that you have completely caught the wave.

 Step 6: Pop up.



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